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HydroUnited announces Jetpack flight

jetpack and attachment hose
H3X Jetpack 2013 Model

ydro United announces the X-Jetpack today for a low intro price of US$8,595 for the Caribbean and the rest of the western hemisphere! Introducing the all new H3X X-Jetpack. We took all of the data and pilot feedback from our introduction of the H2X jetpack model and updated many of the key components and systems, so many in fact, that in the end we had a new model. The H3X represents the standard against which all other jetpacks will be measured. *PWC not included

Open, forward looking design:

The wider placement of the arms gives an open feeling to your flight over water. Space to move, space to see. The wide roll-bar protects you from bumps and knocks while waiting in the water and tilts backwards to allow you to tilt your head back and see forward when taxiing at takeoff.


Jetblades in stock: $5995

It's hard to top the thrill of hydro flying, standing and balancing on a board in mid-air. You'll be mazed at how it feels to be able to steer yourself through the through the air on a “cushion” of water. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind practicing to fly.

The most powerful hydro jet channels available:

high quality jetpack components
Sport Ready, Performance Capable

We engineered our power channel from the back of the jet ski, up, to deliver maximum water thrust. Smooth sand-cast Y divider and dual over the shoulder concentrator nozzles keep the water flowing fast and furious. No sharp angle or tight corners to generate turbulence. This means more power from your jet ski, without cavitation! You get all the power and more performance for less fuel consumption. Of course power means nothing without control. Each nozzle has two full complement rows of 6mm engineering polymer precision bearings that are sealed with o-rings. The bearings control the thrust and let you turn as smooth as silk.

Ease of control:

The exclusive, innovative X-Jetpacks design pivots smoothly on a central stainless steel axle, nothing to pull on your arms when the tether hose gets tight or a wave hits the watercraft. Super smooth turning arms react when you move. Allowing you to stay in the air longer with less effort. Our torsion bar keeps the balance right.

Flight at your feet:

Made from top marine-grade materials, the Jetblade is designed for action. It's compatible with all wakeboard boots and bindings on the market (top grade stuff recommended).

Price: $8,595 plus freight

Why did we build the world’s best jetpack and make it the world’s most affordable jetpack? We want people to fly it. The best in strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant materials, design for sport use. Real, revolutionary, innovation from the no B.S jetpack company.

jetpack components
Top grade components help you fly

That’s right, for a price of $8,595 USD (and your own jetski) gets you flying in the most forward moving sport of the decade. Jetpack and watercraft adapter kit included. We are building true sport jetpacks that anyone can fly. Hardcore engineering for the best hydro flight sport. Marine components, sport centered design. Price does not include shipping nor importation duties (if any) into your country of residence.

powerful water jets

Revolutionary Saddle:

Our pilot feedback confirms that the X-Jetpacks Saddle is one of the biggest advancements in the complete history of jetpacks. And we mean all the way back to the 1960′s! 40 percent of your body weight is in your legs, Keeping your legs still without effort is the key. Our design does this in the most natural way possible. The concave design give you something to grip onto. Natural control and pendulum swing dampening.

jetpack adapter nozzle
High-pressure re-direct hose with Venturi adapter

We turn your high performance watercraft into a jetpack powerplant with a simple to install conversion kit. You get the advantages of a locally serviced and supported watercraft with the ability for dual use with a short conversion time. Our 316 stainless steel marine grade couplings allow for quick painless connecting and disconnecting when trailering. Our exclusive design silicon high pressure 180 degree re-direct hose allows the system to absorb the shocks of water acceleration or light collisions without transferring the shock to your water craft hull. The flexible connection with high tensile linkage allows for a lightweight, compact, abrasion resistant solution for maximum power redirection. Shown above with Venturi adapter for SeaDoo models, additional adapters available for Yamaha and Kawasaki four stroke models.

jetpack 40ft hose

Face up flotation:

Seems like the most obvious thing, flotation positioning to help orient the user face up in the water. We build it into every model.