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Jetpack Price US$8,595

jetpack kit contents

Contact Hydro United for information and orders:

Hydro-United, Inc., is responsible for sales in the Caribbean and the Western Hemisphere, including South America.

Hydro United offer sales, service and training programs for individuals and commercial instructor level training for rental operations. Manufacturer’s accreditation and certified training to industry standards.

Contact us for packages:

Hydro-United, Ltd., Cayman Islands, X-Jetpack Distribution, Hydro Jetpack Training.

Frazier Grandison 1 954 245 7499, use our contact form or email us

Acknowledgement of Risks: By purchasing the device, you have accepted the risks that are inherent in flight and operation of the equipment. You may reduce (but not completely eliminate) the risk by following the procedures set forth in the X-Jetpack Operation Guide, and by following the basic safety requirements. IF YOU WISH TO COMPLETELY AVOID THESE RISKS, DO NOT BUY, DO NOT FLY AN X-JETPACK HYDRO JETPACK. PURCHASER HEREBY EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THE USE OF THE X-JETPACK INVOLVES RISK WHICH MAY CAUSE OR RESULT IN PROPERTY DAMAGE, SERIOUS INJURY, OR DEATH, EVEN WHEN USING PROPERLY FUNCTIONING EQUIPMENT.