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jetpack innovation sets the bar higher

Delrin Backplane

The back plane chassis for structure of the floatation padding and harness support made from cast Delrin plate custom machined. Bulletproof support.


wide roll bar

Wide ā€œVā€ Roll-bar

Learning any new sport can sometimes be bumpy. We wrap our roll-bar around the sides of the top of the jetpack to keep you from bumping into things while waiting in the water.


torsion bar system

Torsion Bar System

Close to centerline torsion bar, solid nylon 66 bar. Go ahead and pick it up here, it is tough enough.


Optimum Water Channels

Engineered marine alloy sandcast water ducts channels. Hard anodized and high temperature powdercoated.


Composite Fiber Saddle

We engineered and built a saddle that not only provides comfort but keeps your body from swaying side to side and front and back. The result, more stability and control without extra effort.


Ultra-smooth Nozzles

Our custom engineered solution is for two rows of 6mm polymer bearings with double rubber o-rings to keep the effort the same when the power pressure is high.


CNC Delrin Plate Buckles

Easy adjustment, no corrosion, long life. Tightens you in for control and stability. Delrin plate machined for strength, extra strap seals under padding to keep out of your face.