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the stages of the Jetpack flight experience

jetpack with tripod stand

Start with computer assisted design, add the best quality materials available and you have the ingredients for the smoothest water flow and the most powerful stream available on the market. Super smooth jets, no joints, no welds, continuous taper and water flow control. Balanced, sleek design into a minimum weight 360 swivel connector for proper flight balance.

jetpack training

Keith Paul walks a trainee through the basic steps of how to position himself in the water prior to engine start. Note the wide roll-bar designed to protect you from bumps and knocks while waiting in the water. It's tilted backwards to allow you to tilt your head back and also see forward when taxiing at takeoff.

easy first flight

A smooth, gentle takeoff is best way to get acquainted with the X-Jetpack. It's always a good idea to spend the first few flights at partial throttle to get used to the feel of the Jetpack. Our design makes it easy for beginners to learn their craft as it allows for smooth pivots on a central stainless steel axle; nothing to pull on your arms when the tether hose gets tight or a wave hits the watercraft. Super smooth turning arms react when you move. Allowing you to stay in the air longer with less effort. Our torsion bar keeps the balance right.

powerful water jets

Once you have undergone proper trainingm the sensation of flying is a joy to behold. Our design allows the most natural effort possible. Keeping the safety of yourself and others in mind, you can start to enjoy the maneuverability of the X-Jetpack after a short training period.