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Hydro-United Terms and Conditions:

long hose increases flight experience
It takes two

Warning: Operation of any open water, petrol powered craft and/or “extreme sport” or “thrill sport” equipment such as the X-Jetpack, can expose users to danger even when practiced under the optimum circumstances. Operator error of either the jetpack pilot ( “pilot” ) or the operator of the watercraft powerplant ( “throttleman” ), jetpack component failure, watercraft component failure, adverse environmental conditions above or below the water, or simply pure bad luck can result in serious injury or even the possibility of death. Every person purchasing or using an X-Jetpack, either directly or indirectly from Stratospheric Industries, Inc, is strongly forewarned, that the operation of the jetpack poses different risks from the use of other water based recreation craft. The purchaser or user of these devices must ensure that the device is fully inspected upon delivery and before each and every following use. The owners must follow the manufacturers service recommendations and maintain the jetpack system in safe working order. Likewise, the purchaser must ensure that the operators, both pilot and throttleman, and all other users, are in adequate physical and mental health to use the jetpack safely. The users must be able to swim and comfortable in open water, the area of usage must not be so remote as to hinder timely rescue or first aid. The user must wear a regulation personal flotation device and the pilot is strongly advised to wear a protective helmet. The users must also insure that the area of operation, weather conditions, density of water traffic, swimmers, or other spectators, and all other contributing factors are suitable for safely operating the device. Stratospheric Industries, Inc, can offer operation guidance and usage advice, but the final responsibility for the use of the device rests solely with the purchaser or other user who operates the device at his or her own risk.

Tandem Responsibilities: This device operates only in tandem with two people. The operator on the watercraft (“throttleman”) has control of the engine throttle and operates the hydro jetpack in conjunction with the pilot. The throttleman is responsible for the safety and well being of the pilot on the jetpack as well as surveying the surrounding conditions. The throttleman has the ability to safely lower the pilot to the water level if any condition or situation requires it. Both users must familiarize themselves with the operating instructions.

Acknowledgement of Risks: In designing and manufacturing the X-Jetpack, Stratospheric Industries, Inc’s has striven to create an exhilarating but safe activity. However, the use of any such a thrill device is inherently a high risk activity which may cause or result in serious injury or death. By purchasing the device, you have accepted the risks that are inherent in flight and operation of the equipment. You may reduce (but not completely eliminate) the risk by following the procedures set forth in the X-Jetpack Operation Guide, and by following the basic safety requirements. IF YOU WISH TO COMPLETELY AVOID THESE RISKS, DO NOT BUY, DO NOT FLY AN X-JETPACK HYDRO JETPACK. PURCHASER HEREBY EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THE USE OF THE X-JETPACK INVOLVES RISK WHICH MAY CAUSE OR RESULT IN PROPERTY DAMAGE, SERIOUS INJURY, OR DEATH, EVEN WHEN USING PROPERLY FUNCTIONING EQUIPMENT.