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Training Synopsis and Fees for Certified Hydro-Pack Training

long hose increases flight experience
Off to a good start

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Keith Paul and I am the owner of JetPack Flight LLC, based in Ft Lauderdale Florida. We here at JetPack Flight are the most trained and experienced instructors in the world as well as the top Hydro-powered flight pilots. I personally have been involved with the Hydro-sport experience since its inception 10 years ago. I was personally responsible for creating, training and developing the Jetlev Academy and it’s instructors in the worlds first Certified Flight/Instructional training center .

My instructional classes are still required by commercial/private insurers for anyone wishing to purchase a Hydro-powered pack for commercial purposes .

Additionally, with over 3500 hours of personal,test and training flight time, I am the longest tenured test pilot over the last seven years starting with the early stages of this sports development (Jetlev), as well as being personally responsible for developing and constantly improving the certification needed to train new instructors and owners on proper use and maintenance of their hydro-sport product! Two Certifications are available depending on your needs and or requirements by risk management (Insurance)

  • Certified Flight Instructor 1 day course — ($1200 for a class up to 4 people). Graduation allows the Instructor to fly clients in a commercial environment.
  • Master Flight Instructor 2 day course — ($1800 for single person and this person must be a graduate of the CFI course). Graduation allows the Instructor to train the above CFI’s (Certified Flight Instructors) for commercial or private use. Master Instructors may not promote or train other Master Instructors. (see notation below in restrictions on training).

We offer training at locations in Fort Lauderdale Florida, USA or we can come to your location. The fees above are class fees only. If you require or ask that we come to your location you are responsible for the following:

  • Hotel, secure. 2 full days stay for a CFI class and 3 full days for a Master class.
  • Air flight, round trip . Arrival the day prior to class only. Cannot get a full day training properly straight from plane.
  • Transportation from airport to hotel to location and back. This can be cab, rented vehicle or carpool.
  • Meals

All fees to be discussed , agreed to by both parties and and invoiced prior to arrival, paid to account. All dates are subject to final approval from both parties and cancellations prior to 14 days are subject to a $500 cancellation fee if we cannot schedule another class to take your place.

Training is not mandatory or required for purchase. This is determined by your requirements for Insurance and the desire to provide an effective tool in training your buyers to allow them a fun, fast way of learning the sport of Hydro –Powered Flight!

Restrictions on Certifications

The same principle applies to the above courses as do any licensed operation such as a driver’s license. A Certified Flight Instructor can instruct new pilots but he is not authorized to “teach” or certify other CFI’s. Graduation to CFI does not qualify for immediate flight commercially. We highly recommend 5-10 practice flights to hone the skills needed. We give you the tools to understand what is happening, you need to practice with them to refine them. Additional time for training came be scheduled if time frame is possible with additional fees . A Master Instructor, in the same process, can certify any successful graduate to level of CFI but not to Master Flight level.


CFI $1200 Train up to 4 people in one straight 10 hour day. Class must be uninterrupted by work or social. There are two stages, written and recorded. Failure to pass both will result in an issuance of a “student certification” This allows the pilot to fly friends and family to practice and is valid for 90 days. Any time in that 90 days the student can request an upgrade to CFI upon visual proof offered to the Master Instructor. The fee for this is $300 but this allows a struggling Instructor to be given time to practice and grow before being allowed to fly people commercially.

Upgrade from Student to CFI- $300 (see above)

Master Certification $1800. Train one CFI graduate on a two day course. Graduation means you can instruct and train any CFI. The ability to certify Master Instructors remains with the Jetpack Flight Academy.

Certifications: For all Master Instructors there is a fee of $75 to register and document each CFI you train. The Master Instructor will forward a signed copy of the the CFI test sheet and affidavit of completion of recorded flight to the Academy for registration number and certification. A signed document will be returned as well as a PDF copy for insurance records. The Jetpack Academy must retain clear documentation of who is certified for Insurance purposes as well as transient instructors. This is why each CFI will have a certification number assigned to him alone.

Training location requirements

If training is to be done off Academy location the buyer will need to supply the training vehicles( hydro pack, jetski and backup ski) for assistant/instructor training as well as access to covered shelter for testing . Additionally, you should have at least two flyers for each CFI you want trained as well as 1 or 2 potential CFI’s for the Master Trainer to instruct.

The flyers for the CFI student should not be charged and the best scenario is for them to be friends/family or employees for safety. We find that there is more responsibility in the CFI’s eyes when flying familiar people. The peer pressure adds to the training intensity to weed out incapable instructors.

Certification Graduation Requirements

The CFI instructional is broken into two phases, written and recorded.

  • The written test is based on what is covered directly from the training manual and is an open book test.
  • The recorded test is a based on certain required “exercises “ on the entire pilot experience ranging from strapping in a pilot to proper throttle control to returning to base. These are specified and broken down in the training manual

The Master Instructional is broken into 4 phases, written, recorded, training exercises and documentation

  • The written test is similar to the CFI and is an open book also. The questions are more based on CFI instructional than simply flying a pilot as a CFI.
  • Recorded tests is based on applying the training procedure as a flow to maintain cohesive training parameters.
  • Training exercise is based on the ability to fly the pilot from hell program and instruct from that position.
  • Documentation will cover the needed paperwork and forwarding to maintain risk managements approval of our record keeping.

Note: We here at the Academy cannot enforce or dictate who goes where with the certification so it is incumbent upon the owner of the business to protect themselves. We would highly suggest having all student CFI’s sign a non-compete clause along with a form stating they are responsible for repayment of the training if they leave your employment before two years.